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A new creative ecosystem emerges

Caroline Wendt
November 30, 2020

Lund's creative ecosystem has been in focus as part of the large pan-European EU project CCSC. The experiences will be used to find new possible ways of working, both in Lund and Europe. The importance of strong interpersonal relationships between individuals has been identified by Lund's Urban Lab as playing a large role in establishing beneficial collaborations between organizations. As both Kulturmejeriet and Stenkrossen indicated, the work resulted in Lund gaining an entirely new and stronger cultural ecosystem.

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The large pan-European project CCSC (Cultural Creative Spaces and Cities) has been running for just over two years and is due to finish soon. The task was to, with the support of methods and processes from the cultural and creative industries, identify solutions and policies that improve both the cultural sector and society at large.

Stenkrossen is working at an Urban Lab in Lund together with Future by Lund, Mejeriet and Science Village to explore how creative institutions can benefit from each other’s strengths through collaboration, thus, creating something that will be attractive for Lund’s residents and external actors to participate in.

Stenkrossen is run by Lund Municipality and the former industrial premises is now a workspace for projects and activities in arts, culture, and innovation. There are hundreds of activities arranged annually that are available to the public.

– From our Urban Lab in the CCSC project, I especially take with me that I have found new collaboration partners, for example Marcus Lampe at Mejeriet, says Rosa Rydahl, operations manager at Stenkrossen. We have also a newly established relationship with Venture Lab at Lund University, which is an important cornerstone to the ecosystem in Lund Municipality. To me, being part of an ecosystem means that I am not alone and can collaborate with someone to take my ideas and projects further.

Marcus Lampe is a producer at Mejeriet, which is a concert arena and a cultural center in a broad sense of the word, with a cinema, stand-up stage, and music schools. Mejeriet also engages many young volunteers at various events.

– Mejeriet is a central hub in Lund's cultural ecosystem. We depend on good relationships with other organizations, cultural producers, companies, and various actors in the city. Through this project, we have identified a more suitable structure and know how to develop new collaborations. We have learnt to look beyond formalities to focus on what we can achieve together, says Marcus Lampe.

It appeared that key to achieving successful collaborations between organizations was to focus on the relationships between individuals. As a result of this project, these relationships have now been established, and future plans are for the ecosystem to deepen and broaden.

– After Urban Lab, we will continue forming ties between actors, says Rosa Rydahl. There is now an on-going collaboration between Stenkrossen and Mejeriet and we have also started working with Skissernas museum and Venture Lab, which is part of Lund University.

The collaboration continues both in the day-to-day operations and in a new project.

– Through this project, I have gained a better understanding of Lund's ecosystem and the other organizations, says Marcus Lampe. We have come closer to some of the organizations, for example Stenkrossen. We did practical tests related to students and got in touch with the university, Radio AF, and Skissernas museum. Together with them, we want to turn Mejeriet into a creator lab that will educate the next generation of event creators and producers of cultural media.

The EU-project “Cultural and Creative spaces and cities”is led by Trans Europe Halles, a network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists, headquartered in Lund. Other partners is the City of Lund and Region Skåne, Sweden, European Cultural Foundation (ECF),The Netherlands, P2PFoundation, The Netherlands, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium, Hablarenarte, Spain, Kaapelitalo Kiinteistö Oy, Finland, Creative Industries Košice. Slovakia, Ambasada Casa PLAI, Romania.

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Translation: Ben Dohrmann


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