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Brunnshög keeps its high innovation tempo

Caroline Wendt
September 21, 2021

In the future around 4000 people will live and work in Brunnshög. The vision is to create a sustainable district. To get there, the municipality and publicly owned companies (i.e. Kraftringen, LKF) actively create possibilities for innovation. Read about the sustainable solutions that already exist and what the stakeholders do to bring in more of them in the future!

Brunnshög is dominated by the two research facilities MAX IV and ESS. In the area around the two facilities housing is being built with the municipality being one of the big land owners. Today, we know that travellers will be coming to Brunnshög by tram, that the buildings in the surrounding will be heated with the heat surplus from the research facilities and garbage will be taken care of with help of vacuum waste collection systems with four different categories.

To make sure that the construction companies that build the houses are really integrating sustainable solutions Lund municipality relies on land allocation competitions. For this process companies need to explain their ambitions and plans first. When deal is about to be sealed the municipality enters sustainability agreements with the chosen construction company. Sustainable investments such as a carpool, a bicycle pool and sun-electricity production exist in many houses. Additionally, many houses have their own solutions, for example, innovations that provide naturally cleaned pools, a heat exchanger for drains but also other solutions such as sustainability optimized concrete walls and a grocery store with self-grown vegetables. Pedestrians and cyclists will be seen more often in the area and the streets will be smaller since there is no need for the big waste trucks.

To increase its visibility to innovators the Brunnshög project organized a pitch & match event where innovators and construction companies could meet. Several companies from Sweden and Europe showed up to the event. Orbital, for example, supplies some apartments with its showers and Ekolution works with another housing company.  

The energy company Kraftringen describes its solution in Brunnshög as ”the worlds biggest low-temperature district heating net”. The heat stems from the research facilities and gets ”recycled”. According to estimations, the facilities will cover eight times the districts energy needs by 2035. Further, innovative and safe lightning is one of the novelties Kraftringen will install in Brunnshög next to a charging station for electric vehicles, solar cell panels, heated outside areas as well as snow and ice-free pavements and bicycle lanes.

– We need to be flexible when we build a new district since we will do that for circa 20-25 years and then it shall last more than 40 years, says Martin Gierow from Kraftringen. During this time, we can be sure that new things will happen and that new innovations will come up. That’s why we welcome people who sit on ideas and want a place to test them and discuss with us.

David Edsbäcker from Kraftringen explained what the new requirements for environmental certification and the adjustment of construction rules can entail. One hope is that the district heating from Kraftringen will help construction companies to reach Miljöbyggnad (Green Building) silver and gold in the green certification process.

– We help the construction sector with alternative calculations to get down the amount of bought energy, says David Edsbäcker, Kraftringen.

For more information please contact Marie Klingmann from Kraftringen via marie.klingmann@kraftringen.se

The municipal housing company LKF has recently completed its innovation project Xplorion in southern Brunnshög. LKF designed the house in a way that the tenants can have a sustainable everyday life. The house incorporates sustainability via better adapted material, energy use and storage. Additionally, the house is car-free but residents can use other mobility solutions through Trivectors EC2B concept which provides access to a carpool and an e-bike pool. Xplorion won the price of this year’s climate-smart housing and this year’s building 2021. In the summer, Xplorion will be portrayed in the BBC StoryWorks documentary about sustainable houses.

– The background of Xplorion is that we wanted to have an innovation project to develop LKF’s standard but also to inspire the sector to have more innovation ambitions and move the sector towards more sustainable constructing, says LKF property manager Håkan Nilsson.

LKF will continue its work with sustainable innovation in a lab apartment in Xplorion.

Translation: Christin Scheller


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