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This is how Future by Lund builds its innovation portfolio

Christin Scheller
September 15, 2021

How can an organisation work strategically with managing and developing an innovation portfolio? OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) held a webinar and a workshop introducing their innovation facet model which creates more clarity and structure when working with an innovation portfolio. Future by Lund and the Swedish innovation programme Viable Cities were examples of what the work looks like once it is applied.

To have a close look at one’s innovation portfolio is one way of structuring and managing the variety of current and future challenges for different innovation organisations. OPSI ’s innovation facet model helps to bring the strengths and weaknesses to the surface. Then, gaps can be identified and innovation work gains clarity. During the webinar, the two organisations presented how they work with their innovation portfolios and why. Partly to understand innovation efforts but also to connect ideas with resources.

Olle Armstrand Dierks, Asa Minoz och Kateryna Pereverza, representatives from Viable Cities, worked with the mission orientated innovation model and presented it. Viable Cities counts circa hundred member organisations and is financed by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten (the Swedish Energy Agency) and Formas. The most important initiative of the program is Climate neutral cities 2030. Currently, the initiative consists of nine municipalities that are working towards being climate neutral. The number of participating cities will increase to 20 by fall 2021.

Katarina Scott and Emily Wise from Future by Lund presented another example of how one can work with an innovation portfolio. Future by Lund applies OPSIs innovation facet model to visualise innovation activities that happen across and among multiple organisations. The model functions as a pedagogical tool to create a common understanding of Lunds multi-stakeholder governance environment.  

More information and the analysis of both organisations work on innovation are available on OPSIs blog. Please click here.

Swedish text: Carro Wendt


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