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Voices from the local stakeholders in Creative Spaces

Caroline Wendt
March 18, 2021

‍The European policy project CCSC has recently been completed and one of the seven sites examined was Lund. Some of the actors in Lund's cultural life worked together to create new creative and cultural collaborations – in this very simple video documentation you’ll find some voices about the work process.

The Lund Urban Lab is a part of the policy project “Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities” (CCSC) which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The project is managed by a consortium of ten non-profit and public organisations and it is led by Trans Europe Halles, an international network of non-governmental cultural centres.

At the core of this project, there are 7 Urban Labs based in seven European cities of which the City of Lund is one. The goal of the urban labs is to address local challenges shared by cultural organisations, local and regional authorities and other relevant stakeholders - and to find participatory and commoning solutions to them.

At the onset of the project, Future by Lund invited a couple of key stakeholders in the city to be the partners and drivers of the process. Those were the cultural centre Stenkrossen (owned and managed by the city) and the cultural centre Mejeriet (owned and managed by an NGO but supported by the city). Another partner is the Science Village Scandinavia which is a publicly owned company with the task to develop a science village and science centre in the area of the new European Spallation Source and MAX IV Laboratory at the outskirts of Lund. The cultural department of the city was also a partner in the Lab. The Urban Lab also created a partnership with the department of Digital Cultures with the basis of having Mejeriet as the students’ big study project during the Autumn semester.

In the simple documentation we collected some voices from the local stakeholders.

The CCSC-project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


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