Future by Lund


Smart Cities…

Future by Lund is an innovation platform for development of sustainable and attractive cities. This is a meeting place for new and established participants side by side. Within our areas of focus we create different test environments. Our focus is towards “Smart Cities & Smart Citizens".

Our focus is on six challenges that will shape sustainable cities: Creatives & Changemakers, Moving Things and People, Digital Cities & Citizens, Ideas for Society andFuture Living & Spaces.

In our platform, innovative thinking is crossed with experience and knowledge from the various focus areas, providing a stable foundation for the smart innovations of the future. By participating in development projects, you will be given the opportunity to showcase your solutions and test them against the market. Future by Lund is a creative field for a better future, in constant motion and always looking for new solutions that make the world a bit better.

Future by Lund operates in Lund with its office at Ideon Science Park, a creative and fun environment for testing and evaluating smart sustainable innovations.

Creatives & Changemakers

Systems, ideas and technology make change possible, but it is people who make it happen. A city in change needs creative and driving individuals both within companies and organizations, but also in the form of driving citizens. Future by Lund runs activities that provide opportunities and make it easier for individuals with the initiative to make things happen. Examples of such activities are the establishment of creative hubs and meeting places, support for intrapreneurs in larger companies and organizations and collaboration with incubators, accelerators and start-ups.

Digital Cities & Citizens

Sensors, interconnected data sources and mobile data form the basis of the real-time city. In Future by Lund, we work with solutions for the future city which are based on real-time information where people, organizations, infrastructure and sensor systems work together to create a sustainable environment with a high quality of life. This also makes the city more open, contributes to more participation being created and to democracy in a broader sense increasing. Here we work with digital housing platforms, control and understanding of mobility flows, environmental information in the city and increased safety for bicycle traffic.

Future Living & Spaces

Future by Lund works with new living and workplace concepts that combine different technical solutions with new behavioral patterns, for example in food, mobility and consumption. The concepts create new qualities for individuals and for people in social contexts, at the same time as they contribute to a more sustainable development. Here we work with, among other things, biocentric indoor lighting as well as resilient, circular and climate-neutral local solutions for energy and water.

Ideas for Society

New ideas move our way of thinking - well-executed projects change society. At Future by Lund, we are constantly looking for new challenges, ideas and themes that contribute to change, innovation and sustainable development. For example, it can be about learning from space and space technology to become more resilient on Earth.

Moving Things & People

Mobility is one of the city's most important functions, but are also some of the most difficult challenges. Within Future by Lund, we work with projects with several different focuses. One is to solve immediate challenges such as climate, emissions, noise and safety. Here we work primarily with electrification of the city's transports. Another focus is attractive micro-flows (walking, cycling, electric scooters, etc.) that are part of creating a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle in the city. We also focus on various services and solutions that deliver mobility as a service as well as on agile planning and real-time management of the city's mobility flows.

Our City

Innovative Lund

Under the coming years Lund will become a regional and international arena for innovative sustainable urban development and for real-world tests and pilot projects. Lund shoulders an ever-increasing role as an international place for development of knowledge and innovations for the global knowledge economy. However the city is still small, making everyone and everything close by.

Future by Lund will be a motor in Region Skåne focusing on innovations for smart sustainable cities. Together we raise Lund’s attraction for both talents and international capital. Lund is furthermore a city of youth, humour and a good atmosphere — a great terrain for innovation culture.

How we work

…Smart Citizens

Our method has three steps — Shaping, Knowing & Creating. This spans everything from trials for prototypes, markets, and needs to matchmaking, ideation, research, fine-tuning, communication, and launches. No matter what stage you’re at, we help you to Shape, Know, and Create.

Our machinery consists of a rich network who together takes care of the creativity that exists, focusing on creating attractive and sustainable solutions for those living there. We work together with our specialized partners within municipality, the private sector and academia to solve global challenges and create innovative and sustainable Solutions. Together we explore possibilities, identify needs, cultivate, inspire and pioneer new qualitative innovations and business models. 
Together we create the future.

comfort zonen

I en allt trängre värld där fler aktörer är i jakt på nya idéer och lösningar blir även misstagen fler. Man vågar inte göra fel eller så försöker man skydda sina tillgångar ännu hårdare. Vår åsikt är att du måste våga lämna din Comfort zon och börja experimentera med nya tekniker, kunskaper och nya aktörer för att själv kunna förstå framtiden.


• Identify needs & drives
• Explore & recognize opportunities
• Combine & recognize potential
• Mindset, culture & brand 
• Cultivate & support network, connect individuals
• Establish connections between communities, trends, needs and technology


• Identify, support & guide innovative capacity.
• Find & pioneer markets   
• Structure & identify competence and resource needs, offer competence building 
• Engage industrial network, connect research resources, and strengthen collaboration   
• Use new tools, collaborative models, and business models
• Communicate & educate


• Test prototypes
• Launch solutions for market gaps within capital, manpower, information etc.
• Initiate and test challenges in different contexts
• Lay groundwork for investments and purchases 
• Bring in the right people and pilot projects