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Jobbar du annorlunda
Från idé till verklighet
Mobility projects in Lund
Mobility projects in Lund
Lund Urban Lab
Lund Urban Lab
Smart public spaces
Smart Public Spaces syntolkad
Smart public spaces subtitled in swedish
Innovation week Veberöd
Innovation week swedish subtitle
Innovation week
Lundasupport - financing
Space Hub Lund - Moving forward
Space Hub Lund - Utilizing Space Technology on earth
The emergency services view the injured with a fresh set of eyes
Space Data Lund - Space Data Lab and AI Innovation of Sweden
Spacehub Lund 2019 – utilizing space technology on earth
CCSC Scenarios
Lunds visited Boston
Elonroad in Boston
Why bother to collaborate?
Moving things & people
Future Living & Human Centric light
Digital Humans
Creatives & Changemakers national
Creatives & Changemakers International
Visions of the water of the future
Research on Barcamper
"Kombinationen av rymddata och AI är ett vinnande koncept"
The power of Morgenstadt is in the network"
Ola Andersson - GDPR perspective based on business development
Maria Richardsson - GDPR perspective based on e-commerce
Kasper Mai Jörgensen - A GDPR experts perspective
Elin Häggberg - A GDPR perspective from an influencer
Critical Infrastructure - A subproject within Smart Public Spaces
Predicting the future of fashion
The Creative Tour 2018
Values and Driving Forces (webinar)
Urban Farming
Bicycle data
Future by Lund meets Mikael Damberg
What does Lund’s Municipality Say?
Smart & sustainable city innovations - International perspectives
Test area: Dynamic charging of electric vehicles
Local Energy system – E.ON
The energy solution for sustainable cities
Barcamper - The tour
The Creative Plot + Barcamper - On the hunt for creative ideas
Gaming the real world
Klas Palm on skills development within innovation management
How to move a city?
Space Impact Workshop med ESA och Umbilical Design
Per Runeson on E-society
Digitisation and Smart Cities - An opportunity for Lund!
Smart City Expo World Congress 2016
Idea Floodgate
E-Mobility — Electrification of city transports
Future by Lund’s Committee & Partners
Skåne Innovation Week 2016
Future by Lund’s Work Process
The Future by Lund Team
Future by Lund & Ideon Innovation @ The conf 2015
Light & Mårtenlund’s Retirement Home
Light & Rainbow’s Preschool
The Innovation Platforms for Sustainable Urban Development
The Year of Light 2015 Lund


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