Human Centric Light

Human Centric Light design suggestion from IKDC

May 8, 2017

Human Centric Light (HCL) is a term to describe how to adapt the light to the human and not the other way around. We have through several demo installations in Lund explored the effects and possibilities of how light affects us humans.

We have seen many different positive effects from using adapted light in schools, care and office environments. Now it's time to take the next step. We have therefore let some students at IKDC from the course industrial design to be inspired by these demos while making suggestions on how to design it in a good and attractive way to become a natural part of the future.

Are you curious to see what they have come up with? 

Then you should definitely note May 18th in your calendar. Between 10-12 in room Square they will present their thoughts, visions and draft products and answer questions regarding their solutions for how to demonstrate it at your workplace and about installations with mobility.

Does it sound interesting? Why not come and experience it first hand! 

As mentioned, we have two demo at Ideon Agora in existing premises, which we also gladly show in connection with this event. Let us inspire you with new light solutions where a small difference can give great effect.

For questions, contact Fredrik Malmberg.

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