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Caroline Wendt
September 29, 2022

The book "Innocooking - cook with us to make a change" was made during 2022. The book can be seen as a story about what we have done within the innovation platform Future by Lund since 2013. Now is the first chapter available in english!

"Innocooking - cook with us to make a change" is a cookbook with thoughts, ideas, "recipes" and tips so that everyone can create their own menu. Our hope is that the cookbook will inspire people, teams and organizations interested in renewal at the intersection of technology, people, entrepreneurship and large and small organizations (private and public) with a special focus on the societal challenges we face today.

The cookbook is our view of the work with Future by Lund, that is, our story is based on our experiences. It is a selection of key events, projects and partners.

We have translated the firts chapter to english, and it will be followed by more material further ahead.

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