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Many opportunities after Future by Lund’s Kick-On

Caroline Wendt
October 25, 2019

This August marked a point of both culmination and rejuvenation for Future by Lund at its Kick-On event attended by approximately sixty pre-registered participants from businesses, municipal organisations, innovation systems, academia and politics. The participants gained an insight into everything that the partnership has achieved so far, then subsequently discussed together eight challenges and opened up new interesting possibilities into the next phase.

On the 2 September, Phase 3 of Future by Lund as an innovation platform was initiated as Vinnova has granted new support until the end of 2021. Prior to this a Kick-On event for Future by Lund was held on the afternoon of 22 August at Mejeriet.  

One element of the event was the ‘project table’ workshops where participants offered their contribution towards eight different challenges. These were:

• “Mellanrumsjobb” (the work in the space between organisations) as a guarantor of local growth

• Outer space creates sustainability on earth

• Climate innovations of the future

• The city as a testbed for new technologies

• The people’s city centre

• Water as a resource

• Talent development and international development

• Xplorion – a sustainable housing development

Now a compilation of the material has been put together that documents what came out from the afternoon – available via the link below. Click here.

Translation: Ben Dohrmann


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