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More are installing the energy solution ectogrid

Caroline Wendt
December 9, 2020

E.ON has the energy innovation ectogrid™ and Medicon Village has access to suitable premises for the energy system. They met at Future by Lund and recognized an opportunity for collaboration. This is how the world's first ectogrid came to be in Lund, which has now developed into facilities being installed both in Sweden and globally. This shows that work in sustainability in Lund is making a difference!

In 2017, Medicon Village signed an agreement with E.ON on ectogrid™ and was then the first to install the system in the world. This happened after Erik Jagesten at Medicon Village and Sonny Strömberg at E.ON had worked together in the Future Living project, which was operated from within Future by Lund. The ectogrid at Medicon Village is now E.ON's global innovation and demonstration platform for the system.

New facilities are now planned, both in Sweden and in other countries. In Sweden, SIA Glass and Halland Animal Hospital have signed an agreement and in Germany a project is underway in Shamrock Park. The ectogrid can be built as a stand-alone system - as it is at Medicon Village - however, the design varies on a case-by-case basis and depends on existing conditions. In Nyhamnen in Malmö, existing district heating will balance and support a local ectogrid, which will supply and share heating and cooling between offices and homes. In Örebro, there is a district cooling network that delivers cooling to the hospital. The ectogrid connects the hospital with housing so that the hospital's leftover heat heats the homes and the homes' leftover cooling is transferred to the hospital.

– With ectogrid, surplus energy can be collected, balanced and utilized so that there is a lesser need to build new production facilities, says Stefan Johnsson, sales manager at E.ON Energy Solutions AB. The world's first ectogrid is the one at Medicon Village and it is also E.ON's global innovation and demonstration platform. The facility was made possible by Future by Lund who identified that we could be linked with Medicon Village.

Just over half of the properties in the area have now been connected. Once all existing properties have been connected to the energy system, it is estimated that the need for supplied energy will decrease by up to 80 percent.

– In the houses where we have implemented ectogrid, we can see that the supplied energy decreases as we can balance the energy between the houses and take care of the surpluses, says Erik Jagesten, property manager at Medicon Village. Our aim is for the need for supplied energy to be reduced by 80 percent and costs by 20 percent. We have now connected about half of the properties and by the end of 2021 it should be finished.

At Medicon Village there is also a showroom for ectogrid.

– There is great interest in the energy system, says Sonny Strömberg, business area manager for the property segment at E.ON Energy Solutions. Decision-makers, municipalities and property owners can come here to see the system as it can be a piece in the puzzle to reduce their climate impact.

Photo: E.ON

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