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Future by Lund takes part in Accelerate project at ESS

March 6, 2019

ESS is organizing a technology transfer industry-oriented workshop – and the winner gets a one day on-line boot camp to catapult the idea to the next level!

Under the Accelerate project, ‘Industrial networking and outreach’ ESS is organizing a technology transfer industry-oriented workshop. Future by Lund, City of Lund, is part of the Innovation Committee and have also in collaboration with the organizers created a prize for the winning team.

The prize is a One day on-line boot camp where the winner works close together with a cutting edge team of international business coaches, investors and leading people from the industry/market area. The team members will be exclusively selected to have a perfect fit to the winning idea and the objective is to catapult the idea to the next level.

- Technology Transfer is very important when developing new sustainable products and concepts and by creating this prize we want to put focus on the potential of cross sector collaboration, says Lars Mattiasson from Future by Lund.

The aim of the event is to help the researchers with technology transfer ideas to develop their ideas in a practical way and to make those ideas attractive for both their institutions and industry.

The workshop will be taking place in Lund on 7th and 8th of March 2019. Link to  detailed program here.

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Photo Copyright: © Perry Nordeng 

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