Spacehub Lund 2019 – utilizing spacetechnology on earth

Caroline Wendt
October 7, 2019

How can space science and technology add value to a sustainable society? In what way could we utilize it to innovate and develop new business on earth? Come and be a part of finding this out at Ideon Science Park in Lund on Wednesday November 20th.

Listen to what has been done, insights and experiences from the Swedish National Space Agency, European Space Agency, ESA Bic Sweden and AI Innovation of Sweden.

Join workshops within 4 main areas, Material, Space Data & AI, Space Technology, and Circular Systems and find partners around interesting projects.

Move from idea to project through our series of follow up days, see bellow.

Half day Learning and Insight sessions will be run in Lund, according to a format supporting progress in the identified projects, at the following dates:

- February 6th 2020

- April 16th 2020

- June 4th 2020

Save the dates now!

The program of the day will be followed by a public seminar at 4.00 pm, where we invite students and citizens to listen to our speakers and be given a summary of what we have accomplished during the day.

Please register no later than 13th November!

Any questions? Do not hesitate in contacting us.

Future by Lund in collaboration with AI Innovation of Sweden, City of Lund, ESA Bic Sweden, European Space Agency, Ideon Science Park & Mobile Heights.

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In collaboration with the City of Lund, European Space Agency, ESA Bic Sweden, Ideon Science Park & Mobile Heights and AI Innovation of Sweden.

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