Innovation Portfolio Approach (IPA)


Approach change differently for meaningful impact

The Innovation Portfolio Approach (IPA) is a joint effort between Future by Lund, PLAI Timişoara, University of Lund and University of Amsterdam, dedicated to facilitate green and urban transitions.

By focusing on innovation ethics and strong eco system collaboration, the IPA project approaches change differently for bigger and more meaningful impact.

Change: A shift of perspectives

A London museum once designed a handful different tours for their venue. Depending on the chosen route (such as “first date” or “heartbroken”) visitors would have a different experience of the same content.

Goldilocks, in the eyes of the three bears, may not seem so innocent for breaking into their house. Goldilocks herself though, might justify her actions by hunger and fatigue. As we look at the same experience through different lenses and layers, we create new meaning to make sense of the world, where some are more helpful than others.

In an era of simplified and divisive stories, it’s crucial we explore more flexible and constructive alternatives to tackle uncertainty, complexity and transformation.

Flexible focus

The Innovation Portfolio Approach (IPA) champions flexible thinking and practices. By exploring, developing and combining tools and methods for innovation and transformation in a new way, this approach aims to gather not one but several projects into one cohesive portfolio with a common cause.

By going beyond single-project practices that are fixed, finite and isolated, a portfolio gathers diverse initiatives with the same ambition and challenge, that will keep going as long as they are interconnected and evolving.

An existential lens on innovation

The initiative also explores innovation and transformation practices that go beyond the external and mechanical. Through the development of a strong, personal inner compass, projects have the potential to not only do good on the outside, but also feel good on the inside.

With a lens of Existential Sustainability we also recognise that, just as projects, we ourselves are interconnected, ever-evolving works-in-progress. Get involved with this way of approaching change by contacting Future by Lund.Get involved with the project by following us on LinkedIn or contacting Future by Lund.

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